Founded in 1969, Tastex is one of the best-known wholesale trading companies in Italy.  It represents the development and the continuation of the enterprise of its founder, Luigi Tassetti, who was still a little boy when he started to sell door-to-door, in Bergamo’s valleys, going from village to village, in order to offer simple pieces of fabrics to housewives.

It was the twenties and the thirties. That boy’s intuition and industriousness matured with him, his extraordinarily large family gave him the strongest motivation. Today the Tassetti family continues with great success achieving an annual turnover of 20 million Euro.


The enterprise

Tastex can be defined as wholesale trader of textiles and related products.
The current structure that profits from the most modern computerized and management systems, aims at a qualitatively high offer, a very large choice of goods and a fast service.
With immediate administrative operations and prompt delivery of goods, the sale area is on three floors reaching a total surface of 9,000 sq.m., while a warehouse of 10,000 sq.m. guarantees to our customers supplies even of remarkable quantity, at any time.



The following is a list of products available at Tastex. Please take the time to visit our showroom in Bergamo-Italy to view yourself the high-quality, wide variety and convenience of our products.